Sissys Kissing
Photos of when Sissys are forced to Make Out

As a Mistress of a sissy husband, I love to make him kiss other sissy girls. Not just peck on the cheek or lips touching,
but full on sissy tongue kissing. Sloppy wet kisses with lots of tongue and lip biting. Little sissy bitches making out.

Welcome to our personal website, filled with photos of my sissy huband jillian and photos of his humiliating and strict sissy training over the years.

As his Domme, and as his sissy maid trainer, there is nothing better than to have taught him how to give the perfect kiss to other sissy girls.
And then make him act on it. Be it at a bar, gay club, another Mistress's house, or if we have another sissy over for play. I love to watch
them makeout and kiss over and over again, until I say stop. It does get me wet I admit.

If they do a good job as kissing sissys, I let them suck each others cock. If they do a great job kissing,
I let them cum in each others mouth and then kiss giving each other snowballs and swapping cum and saliva.

from Mistress Armor to Sissy Jillian about Kissing another Sissy:
"After you cum in that other sissy's bitches mouth, I want you both on your knees in the middle of the floor swapping that cum back and forth, tongues in each others mouths, until I say stop " - Mistress Armor
punishment for not kissing the other sissy maid

View the humiliating sissy husband photos of my Sissy Maid Jillian as I train her to be
my personal cock-taking, creampie eating, sissy kissing, sissy-cuck-bitch.

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