My Sissy Boyfriend:How he came to be my sissy slut wife

February 3rd, 2011 by sissy27

My Sissy Boyfriend

My sissy boyfriend, my lovely frilly sissy boyfriend slut toy whom  love to use, humiliate, train, and abuse. This is all for his own good you know. All to make him a better sissy, the best that he can be to serve me, if that isn’t caring on my part, then I don’t know what is.

One day not too long ago it seems, my sissy boyfriend, proposed to me. He was all dolled up like a good sissy slut, his makeup almost perfect, with bright red cocksucking lipstick and sparkles on his eyelids. He was in a beautiful white dress, his little sissy cock caged with the smallest cage I could find for his sissy clit that Christmas. He had just an hour before finished his chore of cleaning the bathroom tile with a toothbrush as he does every Tuesday, and I had never seen him so happy to clean before and wondered what was on his mind. After his chores, he went into his dressing room and was cleaning up and dolling up.

He came down the stairs to me sitting on my Goddess chair; he massaged my feet and calves as he always does before he makes me dinner. My sissy boyfriend always knows that after the massage, and before preparing dinner, he is always to lay down across the ottoman, his ass in the air, and assume the position so that I can lube up his asshole (if he is good, if he is bad then no lube) and insert his 6 inch butt plug all the way in. But this day was different, when I pulled up his skirt; he already had a plug in. Taped the base of the plug was a ring. A shiny diamond ring that I almost cried when I saw it. Tied to the ring was a small note that said “Mistress, will you marry me, so that I can be you and all your lover’s sissy slut maid’ forever, knowing that I for the rest of my life belong to you”.

I said “yes”, squeezed his balls as hard as I could until he “screamed” and then I said “whether you are my sissy boyfriend, my sissy husband, or my lovers cum-eater; you will always be mine. This ring signifies that you belong to me, but that I belong to whomever I want”.

And that is when my sissy boyfriend became my future sissy husband wife.

This post was dictated by Mistress Armor and typed by her Sissy boyfriend, jillian.

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