Male Maids

Male Maids such as my Sissy Husband Jillian have one sole purpose in life - to please and serve their Mistress. I am
Mistress Armor, and I love training and humiliating Male Maids.

I have been training Male Maids for many years. My sissy husband is just one of the many who have been completely
transformed into an almost perfect little sissy slut male maid to take care of me and my house.

I am always looking for more sissy men, and welcome wives who want to send their husbands for training into perfect male maids.


Inside our personal photo-diary website, you will find photos documenting my Sissy Male Maid's training and humiliation from over the years.
Let me know what you think of his progress, and I always welcome humiliating ideas for him that you send to me for me to photograph.

from Sissy Maid Jillians First Meeting with Mistress Armor:
"After cleaning my house, you'll take my strap-on in your sissy man-pussy, then please all the men that I put in front of that lipsticked sissy mouth of yours and swallow all the cum that is shot down your throat and sprayed all over that pretty little face of yours" - Mistress Armor

View the humiliating phots of my Sissy Maid Jillian as I train her to be my personal cock-taking sissybitch.

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